1. Accommodation at the water
  2. Aquapark
  3. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

Campsite Limburg at the water

Holiday Park Leukermeer is the perfect campsite in Limburg bar none. With all kinds of water activities and water amenities, you can be sure you will enjoy a wonderful, wet holiday. Are you curious about the water fun to be had? Make sure to read on.

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Campsite Limburg at the water: water sports

Perhaps the biggest water attraction of holiday park Leukermeer is the option for various water sports. The Leukermeer has every possibility to fulfill your with water sports wishes. How about surfing? Or canoeing? Peacefully paddling across the water. There are pedal boats available for rent as well, AND you can rent a motor boat to explore the water with a little more speed. On top of this, you can enjoy:

  • Kayaking
  • Beach canoeing
  • Duo Canoeing

In short, the Leukermeer is excellent for water sports. This means the park can rightfully be called a true campsite in Limburg at the water. But is is not just the lake that provides fun in the water.

Swimming pools at holiday park Leukermeer

Do you not like swimming in natural water? Or is it too cold to take a dive in the lake? Or do you just feel like lying in a swimming pool? If so, holiday park Leukermeer is the right place for you too. The park has an outdoor swimming pool, where you can enjoy a wonderful swim during warm summer days. This campsite in Limburg also has an indoor swimming pool. Here, you can take a wonderful dive on rainy days.


Great cities in the vicinity

Of course you can have lots of fun at the campsite. But you absolutely don't have to get bored in the campsite's surrounding area either. Pay a visit to Den Bosch, for instance. This beautiful Brabant city has lots of great things to offer, ranging from a magnificent cathedral to a pleasant market. Or visit Nijmegen, with its beautiful Waal Quay. There are more beautiful cities on the list that you should visit during your holiday at Holiday Park Leukermeer.


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Do you feel like going on holiday at a campsite in Limburg at the water after seeing all of these water sports options? You can! Take a look at the options for renting an accommodation or a camping pitch, and come enjoy a stay at a Holiday Park at the water of the Leukermeer!

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