Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer

Beach Club Leukermeer

Beachclub Leukermeer

Holidays are often only truly holidays if you don't even have to cook for yourself and can let yourself be spoilt... No issues here at Holiday Park Leukermeer. Come and enjoy a fresh drink, nice bite, or extensive three course dinner... Beachclub Leukermeer, with terrace on the waterside, is the perfect place for this. You can also have nice chat in the cafe, enjoy live music, or get some nice fries in the cafeteria. In short, we love to pamper you.Check our Leukermeer app for current opening hours. 


Beachclub Leukermeer is a vibrant center at the Leukermeer, which allows you to have a family dinner at a reasonable price. The holiday feeling you have on the terrace, with views over the water... really is priceless.


A night out at Holiday Park Leukermeer

For a great night out you do not have to leave the holiday park at all. A nice easy walk 'home'. There's something to do for all ages at disco Subway in the summer holidays. There are plenty of parties at Beachclub Leukermeer as well. Come for a nice dance, to relax, eat, drink, and sing! The good sound insulation makes sure you will not be bothered by noise, no matter how fun the party inside is.