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Mio Mucho

  • Delicious Spanish cuisine
  • View of the Leukermeer
  • Welcoming and cosy

Pure Spanish delights at restaurant Mio Mucho

You will find the tastiest Spanish dishes at one of the most beautiful spots in North Limburg at Restaurant Mio Mucho. When you step into the restaurant, you instantly feel the hospitality, smell the fresh ingredients and see with how much passion we work to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Expect surprisingly full flavors, an amazing ambiance and a magnificent view of the Leukermeer. 

Welcome to Mio Mucho, Spanish delights in Well!


Our specialties

Don Ibérico ham

The Don Ibérico estate is located in the Sierra Salmantina. For years, Don Ibérico has been known for the intense flavour and sustainable quality of its pork products. Order a charcuterie board or pork loin, and taste for yourself.

Iberico ham

Dry-aged Sashi Beef

Sashi Beef has a unique and distinct flavour, and it is produced from specially selected cattle. Sashi Beef has repeatedly proven its quality by winning the World Steak Challenge. Try the Ribeye or Cote de Boeuf, and judge for yourself.

Dry-aged Sashi Beef

Experience an unforgettable night out

Our restaurant offers an open kitchen, fresh fish display counters, dry-aging fridges as well as an impressive wine cabinet. You can witness our chefs prepare the best products and expect a warm welcome. We hope to be able to welcome you soon to try our flavours. Check out our menu now, and make a reservation!

    High-quality ingredients

    We only cook using the freshest and most sustainable ingredients, and you can taste it.

    Charcoal barbecue

    All of our dishes are prepared on the grill of the charcoal barbecue.

    Hospitable reception

    When you step into our place, you instantly feel the warmth and hospitality.

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A wonderful vacation feeling!


View Mio Mucho in 3D

View Mio Mucho in 3D