Renting a chalet in Limburg

You want to make sure that you have a beautiful accommodation during your holiday. At our camping site you can rent a luxurious chalet in Limburg that won't lack anything. There are different chalets you can rent. You can choose from a chalet with or without a covered terrace. Some chalets are also pet-friendly.

There are several chalets and lodges available at our camping with 5 stars;

  • Chalets, for 5 people
  • Chalets with, for 5 people
  • Chalets with covered terrace, for 5 people
  • Chalets with covered terrace and pet, for 5 people
  • Lodges, for 4 people
  • Lodges, for 6 people
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Do you wnat to rent a luxurious chalet in Limburg?

We often offer special rental arrangements during holiday periods. Of course, we also apply competitive rates outside holiday periods too.

Holiday Park in Limburg

Holiday Park Leukermeer has a huge amount of fun things to offer. There is of course Leukermeer, where you can take part in lots of fun activities. You can go canoeing, swimming, paddleboating and much more. There are sport and game facilities on the camping, where you can also fully enjoy yourself. This way you'll never get bored at our holiday park Limburg Leukermeer.

Want to rent a chalet in Limburg?