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Spend your holiday on the water

A holiday at the water, surrounded by the beautiful Meuse dunes, brimming with sports, games and adventure. Does that sound like music to your ears? If so, book your holiday at the greatest holiday park in Limburg! Enjoy a wonderful vacation on the water with your own floating holiday home. At Holiday Park Leukermeer, you will get relaxation on the water, action, beautiful surroundings, and many facilities for visitors of all age groups. Participate in one of the many sports & games activities, discover the beaches, or opt for a splashing success at the swimming pool. There is a great deal to do, which means there is not a moment to be bored. Experience the ultimate holiday feeling at Holiday Park Leukermeer in Limburg!

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Holiday at a Floating House on the water

What could be better than spending your holiday on the water? At Holiday Park Leukermeer, you can! The Floating House is a spacious holiday accommodation that ensures a unique experience on the water. On top of this, the roof terrace offers a spectacular view of the Leukermeer. You can walk all around the floating house and get right into the water via a swimming ladder. The Floating Houses have been furnished for four persons, and their amenities include:

  • Stunning view of the Leukermeer
  • Modern, spacious living room with tall windows and a sliding door for the ultimate unique experience on the water.
  • Luxuriously furnished with HD TV and a pleasant gas fireplace.
  • Roof terrace on the upper deck with a lounge set, recliners, and a parasol.
  • Two spacious bedrooms with two adjacent box-spring beds each, as well as sufficient cabinet space.
  • Luxurious bathroom with a shower, a sink, a design radiator, and floor heating.

That equals enjoying a wonderful, relaxed holiday on the water to its full potential, with all of the luxury of home.

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Staying at a five-star holiday park

Spend your holiday at our amazing five-star park! Surrounded by greenery, in the middle of nature, and at the water. This magnificent area provides your vacation with an extra dimension. A comfortable stay at your own houseboat, fully furnished and equipped with every convenience. The perfect base camp for exploring the surrounding area by means of a beautiful walk or a fun cycling trip. The hospitality of the staff, the luxurious holiday accommodations, the pleasant atmosphere, the space, the surrounding area, and the large offer of facilities all make Leukermeer a true five-star holiday park!

Holiday on the water with many facilities

Holiday Park Leukermeer is suitable for everyone. After all, there are a great number of activities and facilities, which means there is always something fur for you! For those who love relaxation, an active holiday, natural beauty, or rather going to the beach. It is all possible here! After a wonderful night's rest at your own houseboat, you will enjoy breakfast at your private terrace on the water. Ready for a day filled with fun, excitement, adventure, or simply relaxing at the water. There is plenty to do for the children as well, with, of course, the private sand beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an entertainment team, Aquapark, and lots more. Here is a selection of the facilities you will get along with a holiday on the water:

  • Beaches and the Leukermeer
  • Aquapark Leukermeer
  • Swimming pools
  • Beach Club Leukermeer
  • Sports & Games
  • Entertainment
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Supermarket

As you can see, you will not have to get bored for a moment, and our holiday park has every ingredient needed for an optimal holiday in the beautiful province of Limburg!

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Water fun for everyone

Having your own boathouse on the water will already mean water fun on its own, but Holiday Park Leukermeer is specifically aimed at water enthusiasts. Situated at the Leukermeer, there is enough space to relax in, around, and on the Leukermeer, as well as to enjoy water sports and swimming. Activities range from lounging on an air mattress to active sports such as wake boarding and surfing. Are you up for some banana riding with your group? Or would you like to get away for a bit by renting a cool sloop? The range of possibilities is as wide as your imagination!

During the summer months, there is even a true Aquapark where you can go running, jumping, sliding, climbing, and lots more. Show who's fastest on the course, or help each other to the next part. This unique open water play paradise is a prefect active pastime that provides lots of fun and refreshment at the same time!

In case the weather is not great, you will still have the option of going swimming. Our indoor swimming pool offers a magnificent view of the Leukermeer, and has a massage pool, a children's pool, massage jets, a fountain, and a waterfall. This makes your stay a guaranteed splashing success!

Unique holiday on the water

Nothing is better than to wake up and be able to enjoy a stunning view right away. Sometimes, you will not even have to make your way to the rest of the park, opting for an afternoon on your private roof terrace instead. Spending some time lying in the sunlight with a book to drift off with, enjoying a drink together, or cooling off in the water. With a houseboat, you will have many facilities at your disposal, including a luxurious kitchen with a full inventory. Is the weather not ideal? No problem! The spacious living room feels even larger thanks to the tall windows. Turn on the TV, or get comfortable at the fireplace. On top of it all, the Floating House has heating and air conditioning throughout. Such luxury!

Five-star campsite with a luxurious marina

Holiday Park Leukermeer is not just any holiday park, because we have a luxurious marina! Bring your boat to Limburg and enjoy the most beautifully situated marina in Limburg. With lots of peace, space, and a magnificent surrounding area, our five-star holiday park with a marina offers an exclusive stay. Leukermeer is the perfect stopover for short or long trips. You can sail onto the Meuse within five minutes, where you can speed up your boat, go wake boarding, and go water skiing!

If you want to explore the waterways of Limburg by boat, our luxurious marina has spacious and luxurious moorings. The moorings can be rented for a day, but also for longer periods of time, and have water and electricity. Whether you visit by speed boat, yacht, or water camper, there is room for everyone at our luxurious marina!

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5 star campsite with luxury marina

Vakantiepark Leukermeer is not just a vacation resort because we have a luxurious marina! Bring your boat to Limburg and enjoy the marina in the most beautiful location of Limburg. With plenty of peace, space, and gorgeous surroundings, our five-star vacation resort with a marina offers an exclusive stay. Leukermeer is the perfect layover for short and long trips. Within five minutes of sailing, you are on the Meuse. From there, you can go speed sailing, wakeboarding, wakesurfen and water skiing!

If you want to explore the Limburg waterways by boat, our luxury marina has spacious and luxurious berths. The berths can be rented for a day or a longer period of time and are equipped with water and electricity. Whether you are coming with a speedboat, yacht, or water camper, at our luxury marina, there is room for everyone!

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Buy your own spot on the water!

Five exclusive holiday accommodations will be realized on the water at five-star Leukermeer. Located at the waterside, these Floating Houses offer a unique stay at one of the most beautiful places in Limburg. You can enjoy a short stay here, but they are also for sale! This allows you to stay here long-term, and to choose when you want to go on a holiday. It goes without saying that it is also perfect for getting away for a weekend in order to unwind completely at your luxurious houseboat. Situated in the heart of nature, between all of the greenery, these holiday accommodations are located at a prominent place at the Leukermeer. Here, you will enjoy a stunning view of the water, with all of the luxury of home.

Holiday park Leukermeer has been a market leader in Limburg for over 35 years, and has everything you could wish for at a five-star park. As a tenant or owner of boathouses, it goes without saying that you can use all facilities at the park. Has your enthusiasm been sparked about buying your own floating holiday home? Please feel free to contact us for all information!

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Explore the magnificent area

Situated at the Leukermeer, our holiday park offers a perfect base camp for exploring the magnificent area. For active holidaymakers, there are many diverse hiking and cycling routes available. They will navigate you along picturesque villages and through the rolling Meuse dunes via amazing regions. Even if you did not bring a bicycle, it will be no problem. You can rent bicycles at Holiday Park Leukermeer. With the bicycle hub system, you can set your own route to match your preferences completely. It goes without saying that there are also many routes to be explored by the hikers among us using the different hiking hubs.

With De Maasduinen National Park as a backyard, a stay with us is exceptionally suitable for mountain bikers. Let the rolling dunes and the inclined landscape guide you while you enjoy the natural beauty and the views. This is truly heaven on earth for any mountain biker!

In addition to De Maasduinen National Park, there are many other nature areas to explore. In the immediate vicinity, you will find De Hamert and the Ravenvennen, situated in the Arcen region. Admire the high drift dunes with white sand and dozens of marshes, surrounded by colorful heather and forests. In addition, there is the peat area of De Peel and De Mookerheide in the direction of Nijmegen. What a paradise for nature enthusiasts!

Discover the greatest spots

Would you prefer a day outing? There is plenty to experience for visitors of all age groups in Limburg. Visit the wondrous amusement park of Toverland in Sevenum, discover the splendor of the Castle Gardens of Arcen, visit the golf course in Bleijenbeek, or one of the many museums. Discover historic cities like Nijmegen, Maastricht, and Venlo, or cross the border to Germany within five minutes. Go for a city walk, enjoy a drink at the terrace, and get to know vibrant city life. For the real shopping enthusiasts, there are the CentrO in Oberhausen and the Outlet Center in Roermond, with over 150 shops to discover.

Floating House, floating holiday accommodation, boathouse...

Call it what you want. No matter the name you use, our floating houses are amazing! We understand you can't wait to book a holiday at Holiday Park Leukermeer. With a luxurious accommodation on the water, a wide offer of facilities, and a magnificent surrounding area, you are guaranteed to have the ultimate holiday feeling at our five-star park. Don't wait any longer, and book your stay at a Floating House!

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