Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities

Our luxurious sanitary facilities are free, clean, and always a-okay. The heated buildings also offer special rooms with extra facilities such as a baby room, kid toilets, a clown bathroom, kid bath, and family showers. ANWB declared us a 5 star TOP Camping 2023 and marked our sanitary facilities 9.1!


Your clothes can also get dirty during holidays... No problem! The laundry allows you to clean them in a second!



Guests at Holiday & Resort Leukermeer can use a modern recycling area. Waste is seperated and stored underground. This holds for paper, metal, glass, and organic waste. This is how we collaborate for environmentally friendly waste collection.

The recycling area is part of the goal of Holiday & Resort Leukermeer to work as environmentally friendly as possible. Through this we contribute to conserving beautiful nature.