Ferien & Resort Leukermeer
Vacation park with an indoor swimming pool
Vacation park with an indoor swimming pool
Vacation park with an indoor swimming pool

Swimming pools

Swimming and relaxing

Leukermeer offers triple the swimming fun: an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and of course the Leukermeer itself. You can also relax in the sauna.

Indoor pool

The luxurious indoor pool with views of the Leukermeer has a massage bath, massage jets, a kid bath, waterfall, and fountain. The space and the water itself are heated through solar energy and soil heat. Totally sustainable!

Toddler pool ✨New!✨

It's party time at Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer because the new children's pool is now open! The pool is specially designed for children and offers all kinds of fun activities to enjoy water fun. The pool has a jungle theme and is filled with all kinds of friends from the wilderness.

Children can enjoy sliding down the slides and challenging each other to see who can slide down the fastest. There's also the opportunity to spray water and get each other wet. All of this in a safe environment where children can play and enjoy themselves to their hearts' content.

The new children's pool is a great addition to the resort and offers even more entertainment for the whole family. It's the perfect place to relax and have fun under the sun. We hope that our guests are just as excited as we are about the new children's pool, and we invite everyone to come and enjoy the many activities that the resort has to offer.

Outdoor pool

You can swim outside in the Leukermeer, but in our outdoor pool as well of course.


It's also possible to enjoy our lovely wellness facilities at Holiday Park Leukermeer. Come and relax in our Sauna.