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An easy check-in 🤳Marina Resort Leukermeer

Summer vacation
Secure your favourite accommodation or camping spot.

Open your accommodation using your smartphone!

View the video and follow the steps! 👇

1. Download the (free) Leukermeer app 📲

License plates

3 Open the door lock using your telephone 🏠

Click the button 'Open door' in the menu of the app and follow the instructions on the screen. When the lamp is blinking green, you can open the door.

Please note: Location and Bluetooth must be active.

Door opening button

Frequently asked questions

At which accommodations can I use my phone?

At all holiday villas and apartments at Marina Resort Leukermeer

Can I set up multiple phones?

Of course, that's not a problem. Using the email address known to us, you can authorize multiple phones.

What if the door doesn't open?

This could have multiple causes, such as:

  • It is before your time of arrival. Unfortunately, you have to wait a bit longer before you can enter the accommodation.
  • You are at the wrong accommodation. Check the accommodation number.
  • Reservation not linked correctly in the Leukermeer app. Try to link again and check the data. 

Do you still not manage? Contact us.