Oi dudes and dudines!

It's surf-tastic I get to greet you!

My name is Fer, and I'm from the town of Well in Limburg. I just returned from Brazil, where I was in a surf school.

We, my 2 best friends Coco, Beau, and me, now live at Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer in a secret spot on one of the islands in the Leukermeer.

Get to know us below!


Hey hi, I am Coco. I was born on 07/20 in Brazil. You'll always see me wear flowery clothes. I really like tropical flowers. I am very studious, but also like to go dancing and get creative. My lucky number is 9, do you know why? When my favorite animal, a flamingo, rests its head and neck, this creates the shape of a 9. 

I look forward to meeting you at the resort!



I am Fer. I was born on 08/01.  I always wear my blue hat. That's the fastest way to recognize me! I don't really like long pants, so you'll always find me in my swimming shorts. If it's a bit colder I do prefer wearing my trainers.

I like to watch surf competitions on TV. I also think looking for shark teeth on the beach is cool. Sharks are my favorite animals. You can always wake me up for a pizza with pineapple. When will I see you at Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer?



Yo dudes! I am Beau. I was born on 08/10 in Hawaii. You'll recognize me by my white tank top and summer blouse. I like to be sporty. I met Fer and Coco during my last year of school in Brazil. I can't wait to meet you.

I met Coco and Beau at the surf school in Brazil. During one of our school trips to Bora Bora, which is an island in the Pacific Ocean, we became best friends. Something very special happened on this trip as well. When we were surfing, in our free time, it looked like a bright light was shining from the bottom of the ocean straight to the sky. We did not hesitate at all and decided to check out what this was. Between the rocks we see it does not come from the water, but from an island. As we want to continue, we see that bad weather is developing on the horizon, we hurry to the island. Once we arrive on the beach of this truly deserted island we still see the bright light, this time the beam disappears in the jungle. The three of us make our way through the jungle and start to feel a breeze. Coco says this means there is water nearby. A bit further we see old and decayed signs saying; Lagoon. The front side has broken off, would another part have been attached here? Being adventurous, we decide to go further. Beau said he was fed up with all the walking, but I wanted to continue the adventure and know where the light came from, no sooner said than done. We ended up at a cliff, I think it must have been 5 meters deep before we saw water. Coco and Beau thought it was rather scary, but not me, no, so I suggested jumping into the lagoon where the light beam came from. Beau of course made up some weird excuse and Coco thought of all sorts of theories and probability calculations saying why we should not do it. So I grabbed them by their wrists, prepared a run-up, and jumped into the water with Coco and Beau. It was quite deep, I did not expect this, but it was also surf-tastic! We also swallowed a bit of the nasty salty water, yuck! We suddenly saw the light beam become less bright, I wondered what was going on. When I looked into the lagoon, I suddenly saw Coco and Beau were emitting light, it seemed to come from their hearts. I heard an enchanting song in the distance. We did not think there would be a choir on the beach, I first thought Beau was playing a stupid prank again. Then we suddenly saw a shape coming towards us in the water, our first thought; SHARK! We wanted to swim away, until a beautiful form emerged from the water, it was a mermaid, this is where the singing came from. The mermaid told us the lagoon was dangerous when the sun and moon are aligned. We looked at each other, puzzled, and were about to tell the mermaid we did not see the moon at all, until it suddenly became dusk. The mermaid said the lagoon water was magical because of the magical Parel which was on the bottom. The water gifts eternal youth if you drink it with your 2 best friends at the right moment. We of course did not believe this. Take a look, she shouted! We looked towards the bottom and saw the luminescent Parel. The mermaid said that those who try to steal De Parel from the lagoon lose their voice. I did not hesitate a moment and dove to the bottom of the lagoon, I had to see that Parel from up close, I did not believe anything the mermaid said. As I saw De Parel from up close, it was so beautiful I simply had to touch it. As I did this, the light turned blindingly bright, so bright I only saw blackness. Before I realizes, I woke up on the deserted island on the lagoon beach. Coco and Beau were worried and tried to help me up. They asked how I was doing, I wanted to tell them, but I could not make any sound. We got spooked by a wave crashing into one of the rocks. After the water had drained from the rock, the mermaid had returned. She said she did not lie in her prediction. Coco asked the mermaid whether this could be undone, the mermaid answered that this was possible. You can return to De Parel, 5 years after losing your voice. The lagoon only shines when the sun and moon are opposite and aligned. You must bring the same best friends that were there when you lost your voice. This is the only way to undo the magic. We thanked the mermaid and decided to go back to the island where our school trip took place.

Nobody in the class, not even the teacher, believed us. They thought we were acting in a play. We are now waiting until we can finally go back to the deserted island to find back my voice. Coco wants to develop a surf board that can surf on its own, so we can reach the island as quickly as possible. She is also researching the moment of correct alignment of the sun and moon. Beau helps me a lot by saying things I can not say myself. That's how we work as a team, and we hope we can return to the island soon. Because we have become such a close-knit team, we decided to live somewhere that would be great for all 3 of us. I immediately suggested Well, my place of birth.  Coco and Beau initially laughed at me. What are we supposed to do in such a little village in Limburg, they said. I then showed them pictures of Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer. Here you can practice water sports, go swimming, play sports, be creative, and lots more, to have fun all summer and winter. The three of us decided to do this. On satellite imagery we saw there was an island in the Leukermeer, this was the perfect place to stay. But where this is, is the secret of Coco, Beau, and myself. One night we were sitting next to a fire, and suddenly heard voices by the water. Beau asked whether there also were mermaids here. As the voices got closer, we saw they simply were humans like us. They introduced themselves as the management of Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer. They asked what we were doing on the island. We told them the story, and they immediately believed us. We asked whether they would mind us staying on the island until we could go back to the lagoon. After exchanging some glances, we fortunately were allowed to stay. We even got a space to construct the surf board and could name this space ourselves. We landed on Fer's Fun Club. I told Coco and Beau I would like it if all the children at the resort could also join our arts and crafts. That's why, together with the entertainment team, there will be arts and crafts, cake decoration, and tons of other activities in Fer's Fun Club.