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Holiday in Limburg

When you're searching for a holiday in Limburg, please consider holiday park Leukermeer in Limburg.There's plenty to do, both for young and old, at our fun holiday park for the whole family. Enjoy our Top camping in the Netherlands!

A holiday in Limburg is the ideal destination when you want to experience the real holiday feeling in your own country. Limburg is known for her hospitality and beautiful, almost "non-Dutch" surroundings and nature. There are also lots of day trips you can take from our southernmost province. Our park lies in Well, close to Bergen, and from there you can easily go to places like Venray or Boxmeer, or cross the border over to our eastern neighbours and visit the cozy town of Weese.


On the park

Come camping with us by the water and enjoy all the facilities holiday park Leukermeer has to offer.

Out park has, among other things:

  • Beaches and the Leukermeer
  • Water sport
  • Leukermeer water park
  • Pools
  • Beach club Leukermeer
  • Sanitary installations
  • Sports & games
  • Entertainment
  • Supermarket
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bicycle and scooter rental

Limburg holiday on Holiday & Resort Leukermeer

So, you can enjoy an outstanding holiday on holiday & Resort Leukermeer. Therefore, wait no longer, and book your holiday in Limburg. This way you can be sure to look forward to a beautiful vacation. Enjoy the facilities, activites and possibilities that Holiday & Resort Leukermeer has to offer. Discover the park's surrounding nature or visit one of the beautiful cities or towns the province is full of. In short: enjoy your holiday in Limburg at Holiday & Resort Leukermeer!

Reserve a camping site or rental accommodation

You can rent several rental accommodations and camping sites at our Holiday & Resort Leukermeer. The camping sites can be separated in Comfort Sites and Camping Sites. They both include electricity. The camping sites also have heated grounds, which is convenient if you want to place your camper. The rental accommodations are all luxuriously furnished. They also include several facilities that will make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Lots do to on your holiday in Limburg

If you're enjoying your holiday in Limburg, there are lots of fun day trips you can plan. You can go for some nice shopping in Maastricht. The capital of the Limburg province is the ideal place if you want to go out shopping for a day. You can also go to the city for culture. If you're a bicycle lover, then go for a ride through the Maasduinen National Park. You can go for endless walks in its beautiful nature. Like these, there are plenty of other things you can do during your holiday in Limburg!

Visit the Castle Gardens of Arcen

During your holiday in Limburg there are a couple of trips you mustn't miss. One of them are the Castle Gardens of Arcen. These beautiful gardens are full of flowers, plants and fountains. You can easily get lost here in one day! Your holiday in Limburg also won't be complete if you don't visit Valkenburg. This beautiful city is known for its coal mines and marl caves. These caves and mines are absolutely worth a visit!

Visit Toverland in Sevenum

You can also visit Toverland in Sevenum during your holiday in Limburg. This magical entertainment park is full of fun rides. Think, for example, of roller coasters, water rides carrousels and many more. You can enjoy the whole day here with the whole family.