The nicest holiday park in Noord-Limburg

Our holiday park in Noord-Limburg is only separated from Germany by nature reserve the Maasduinen. The border with Belgium is also a short distance away. A German or Belgian city is worth visiting and a trip is easily made from holiday park Leukermeer. If you prefer to stay in the Netherlands, cities such as Eindhoven, Venlo and Roermond are recommended.

A lot to do at Holiday Park Leukermeer

There is a lot to do at Holiday Park Leukermeer. It is with good reason a top holiday park in Noord-Limburg. You can do various activities on the water. Wakeboarding, banana rides and going to the Aquapark are some nice examples. You can of course also enjoy swimming at Holiday Park Leukermeer. This is possible in the indoor swimming pool as well as in the Leukermeer.

Also activities outside the water

The activities at Holiday Park Leukermeer do not all have to take place in the water. You can enjoy playing in the playground, you can play beach volleyball, there is a miniature golf course and you can even go to the gym. There is fun entertainment at the park, so that your children will also have a great holiday!

Surroundings Holiday Park Leukermeer

Warm welcome at our holiday park in Noord-Limburg

Limburg is known for its conviviality, coziness and warm welcome. Characteristics that are also highly valued at our holiday park. There is plenty to do in the vicinity of our holiday park in Noord-Limburg;

We look forward to seeing you back in Noord-Limburg to give you a great holiday. See you soon!

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