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De Maasduinen National Park

De Maasduinen National Park

National Park De Maasduinen

De Maasduinen: beautiful nature reserve in North Limburg province.

National Park De Maasduinen is located in the north of Limburg province, between the Maas and the border with Germany. De Maasduinen National Park is unique because the longest river dune belt in the Netherlands is located in this area. These are the result of a combination of water, wind and humans over the centuries. This has created a beautiful nature reserve. Among other things, its size makes this area perfect for holidays & recreation. The new National Park has been called De Maasduinen. Leukermeer holiday park and the Leukermeer are part of the Maasduinen.

Visitor center

About half an hour's walk from our park, there is the Visitor Center De Maasduinen. Right in the heart of De Maasduinen National Park and on the beautiful Reindersmeer. It's a unique building, literally hanging in the old lock basin. In the visitors' section you'll find important information concerning interactive screens about the area and the origins of De Maasduinen. You can touch and smell different animals, as well.


From Leukermeer Holiday Park, turn left onto the hiking trail. Keep this trail to the left and keep the lake on your left. This will automatically lead you to the great Reindersmeer and the Visitor Center.

Nationalpark De Maasduinen