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Waterfront vacation home for sale

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  • Vacation homes on the Leukermeer
  • Option for a private jetty
  • Luxury resort in Limburg

Waterfront vacation home for sale

A vacation on the waterfront is delightful, is it not? What if you could vacation in your own cottage on the water. A waterfront vacation home for sale can be found in the exclusive portfolio of Marina Resort Leukermeer. This luxury resort is currently under construction and is part of Holiday & Resort Leukermeer. Here, you can purchase a waterfront vacation house with accommodation for 2 to 20 people. Furthermore, the vacation home is always sold on its own plot of land. Thanks to its location on the Leukermeer, with a direct connection to the Meuse, it is a wonderful destination for vacationers.

Why Marina Resort Leukermeer?

  • Luxurious and sustainable vacation homes
  • Can accommodate between two and 20 people
  • Possibilities for a private jetty
  • Can be upgraded with wellness
  • Situated in a unique location
  • Extensive facilities
  • Professional rental organization
  • Possibilities for renting out the house

Buy a waterfront vacation home

Do you dream of buying a luxurious waterfront vacation home? Would you like to buy the home for yourself or as an investment? At Marina Resort Leukermeer, there are waterfront vacation homes for sale for personal use, for rental use, or for a combination of both. Buying a waterfront vacation home for personal use means that you can use it whenever; it is your own vacation spot. Would you prefer to generate a return by renting out the property? Then you can choose to rent it out completely and not spend any time there yourself. However, a combination of personal and rental use is also a possibility; it is entirely up to you.

Waterfront vacation in Limburg

Buying a waterfront vacation home on the Leukermeer in Limburg offers many recreational opportunities. For example, there is plenty to do in and around the water at the resort. With its own marina, opportunities for various water sports, and several beaches around the Leukermeer, there is something for everyone. However, there are also plenty of opportunities for excursions into the surrounding area. For instance, you can explore the De Maasduinen National Park or visit charming cities such as Maastricht or Nijmegen. So, are you looking for a waterfront vacation home for sale? Then check out the options at Marina Resort Leukermeer!