Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer
Nature reserves

Nature reserves

Nature areas

Our holiday park including camping site and chalets is located in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the province of Limburg: De Maasduinen National Park , a unique area on the edge of North Limburg, plenty of forests, heather, drifting dunes and fens. Get more information.

In the immediate vicinity you'll find nature reserves such as de Hamert , beautifully located north of Arcen between the Maas and the border and de Ravenvennen in the village of Arcen. This beautiful nature reserve consists of tree-covered dunes, a high drifting dune including white sand, dozens of fens, surrounded by heather, coniferous and deciduous forest.

Located ten kilometers southeast of the park, one of the other nature reserves begins: de Peel , the old peat area located on the border of Noord-Brabant and Limburg province. De Peel is a high moor area where peat was often cut in the past, but nowadays you can take beautiful walks there. In the direction of Nijmegen, de Mookerheide is located at the tip of Limburg province, allowing you to hike through the hilly landscape and visit the former property containing an old hunting lodge and park forest. On the north side, there is the beautiful Reindersmeer . The walking route "Rondje Reindersmeer" reveals a beautiful piece of nature. Leukermeer borders the Maas to the east.