🐶 Are pets allowed on the camping places?

One pet is allowed at each camping place at our park.

📅 Can I arrive at the camping pitches daily?

You can arrive at our park daily, except during the summer months. During the summer season, you can only camp here from Saturday to Saturday.

⌛ Is there a minimum stay duration?

We have a minimum of three nights for camping at our park.

🕚 What are the arrival and departure times for camping pitches?

You are welcome at your camping pitch from 13:30 on the day of your arrival. We ask you to check out before 11:00 on the day of departure. It goes without saying that you still get to use the facilities at our park on the day of departure. Please do park your car outside the gates.

✔ What is expected of me before I check out?

Please ensure you leave your camping pitch in a tidy condition.

🙋🏻‍♂️ I would like to receive visitors during my stay. Is this possible?

Great that you will have visitors! Please do register them at reception. We ask for €5 per visitor per day.

⏰ I will not be able to arrive before reception's closing time. What should I do?

In case you will arrive after reception's closing time, you must notify us in advance. We will ensure your license number gets registered to allow you to drive onto the park, and we will provide the restaurant with your place number. You can check in with us the day after arrival, and collect the swimming pool cards if you want.

🏷 Which discount cards do you accept?

You can use the ACSI card and the Camping Key card at our park; the ADAC card is not valid.

Please note that discount cards are only valid in the early and late season and not during school vacations and public holidays. Check the website of these tour operators or ask our reception for the conditions

6️⃣ With how many people can I stay on a camping pitch?

On our camping pitches, a maximum of 6 people can stay in one place. Are you with several people? Then you need to reserve several places.

🔢 Where can I find the pitch number on the booking confirmation?

Your pitch number will be announced upon arrival at the park. Unfortunately, we can't give you the pitch number sooner because it is not final yet.

Would you like to choose the pitch number yourself? That is possible! If the camping pitch is still available, you can choose your pitch number yourself, but you will pay additional preferential costs for this.

⛺ Can I add an extra small tent on my camping pitch?

Per camping pitch, one extra small tent of maximum 5 m² is included. A second additional small tent is also allowed and costs €4 per night. A maximum of two small tents per camping pitch are allowed.

🚤 Can I book dock space with my camping pitch?

Dock space can also be booked with your camping pitch. We have dock spaces for boats with a maximum length of 4 meters for €9 per night, and for boats with a maximum length of 8 meters for €13 per night. Dock space must be booked before arrival.

📺 What connections are there at my camping pitch?

Every camping pitch has a water, electricity, television and drainage connection.

You need a blue Euro plug for the power connection. Each place has 10 amps, which is approximately 2200 Watts.

You need a COAX cable for the television connection, and the television must be suitable for digital reception.

📺 How do I set up my television at my camping pitch?

For the television connection, you need a COAX cable and the television must be suitable for digital reception. You will no longer be able receive an analog signal.

While connecting, let the television search for digital and not cable. We offer the same signal as Ziggo. Please search for DVB-C.

🚗 Where can I park my car?

At the comfort pitches; these are numbers 143 through 234; you can park your car next to your camping equipment. At the car–free comfort pitches; these are numbers 1 through 139A and 240 through 279, you are not allowed to park your car next to your camping equipment. Your car can then be parked in the large parking lot next to the reception.

2️⃣ Can I enter the park with a second car?

Only one car per stay is allowed at our park. A second car may be parked in the visitor's parking lot outside the gate.

However, it is possible that you provide the reception with a second registration number, so that you can switch between cars you want to enter the park with.

🌱 Can I place a groundsheet, mats or similar things outside the awning or under the canopy?

A groundsheet, mats or such things outside the awning or under the canopy is not allowed.

📏 How big can my camping equipment be?

All camping pitches are approximately 100 m², suitable for camping equipment of maximum 7.5 meters (excl. drawbar); longer camping equipment is not allowed. Please place your camping equipment with its back towards the electricity pole.

💧 Is there also a waste water dump?

A waste water dump is available at our park near the toilet block located on the main street of our park.